More ideas

How about including these in your ceremony?

Ring blessing

The rings are passed around during the ceremony for family and friends to bless.

Light a candle together

Make sure it’s an indoor venue!!

Write a love letter

Instead of writing your own vows, write love letters to each other and read it out during the ceremony. Then marry with the minimum legal vow.

Audience participation

Print out a favourite passage or poem and ask your guests to read it out together.

Or you can ask your guests a question like “Do you promise to support us as a couple, love us, and if you need to, remind us of this happy day?” They say, “We do!”

Turn it around

Turn the celebrant around and face the guests instead of facing away from the guests.

Best People

Have a man of honour or a best girl. Also don’t be afraid to have neither, if you don’t want to choose just one or two “besties”.

Non-flower posies

Bridesmaids could carry something other than flowers, if flowers aren’t a special object in your life. Lanterns look gorgeous for an evening ceremony.

Pot a tree

Add a scoop of soil from each of your home towns to a small potted tree, then water it together to symbolize the merging of your two lives. You can plant it when you get home from the honeymoon.

Plant a seed

Have little packets of flower, herb or vegetable seeds for guests to keep after the ceremony, instead of at the reception. They are less likely to get lost in the revelry, and everybody attending gets a gift from you, not just those coming to the party later.

Wedding cake early

Same reason as before… Almost no one eats cake at the reception, sometimes they don’t even see it! But right after the ceremony, it’s a perfect afternoon sugar hit.

Acknowledge same-sex relationships

As you know, same-sex marriage is illegal in Australia. Some marrying couples like to have a sentence or two in their ceremony that acknowledges this inequality and thanks their friends- including those who can’t marry the person they love- for being at the wedding.

Phones, put them away!

Ask everyone to drink in the moment and put down their mobiles and cameras during the ceremony.

Photo opportunity

Strike a pose together at the start of the ceremony, before we ask your guests to put their phones down.

The party is already here

Hire out a restaurant with a great view, have the ceremony there late afternoon and then get on immediately with the reception. Skip the wait in between.

Make it your own

In any way you like.