NOIM tips

The NOIM, or Notice of Intended Marriage, is the main bit of paperwork you need to do before the wedding. You can download a copy from the Attorney-General’s Department.

You should know:

  1. The form must be given to your celebrant at least one month before the wedding, and
  2. The form is surprisingly short. Yay!

Here are a few hints/ tips:

  • Use your full legal names
  • WAIT to sign form until you can sign in front of a proper witness
  • Only the people listed on the form (e.g. a celebrant, JP, police officer, or lawyer, etc) are allowed to be witnesses.
  • “Maiden name” means your mother’s full legal name before she was married, even if she later changed her name
  • Birthplace should match your birth certificate
  • If you make a mistake, either cross it out or get a new form. Please don’t use white-out.

Finally, if you have any questions about the NOIM, no matter how small, just ask. I’m happy to help.